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Summer Reading Club 2017 photos

We hope you all had fun while joining us for the Summer Reading Club activities! We had a blast making bubbles, painting flowers, and doing STEM challenges!

We also enjoyed our wrap up party “Passport around the world”. We visited Greece, Egypt, London, China, Australia, Russia, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico. We got to make crafts from those places! Hope to see you for Summer Reading Club 2018!

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Humane Society

Leona and her human, Ryan did a wonderful job of informing us about all the wonderful things the Humane Society does and how to be a better pet owner! We here at Richard Burges had a bunch of fun learning from Leona and even petting her!! We learned about caring for our pets and how we can help those waiting to be adopted. Leona was very friendly and super helpful in training us.

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