El Paso County Historical Society presents

EP County Historical Society

Genealogist Barbara Hooten Clawson will lead a discussion about the life of Richard Burges, her great-grandfather, as highlighted in a diary he wrote between 1891 and 1898.

The diary recounts Burges’s life in El Paso, a town quickly becoming a bustling city after the arrival of the railroads in 1881. The diary ultimately tells the story of a young man whose life was transforming in a city undergoing its own incredible changes.

Within the subsequent three decades, Richard Burges became El Paso city attorney and drafted our first city charter, served as representative in the Texas legislature, took part in an expedition that lead to the designation of Carlsbad Caverns as a National Monument, and fought in World War I as a major.

The diary was recently published by Mrs. Hooten Clawson and the El Paso County Historical Society, and copies will be available for $15 (+sales tax) following the presentation. Please join us for this wonderful event!





For more information please contact Robert Diaz, El Paso County Historical Society, at info@elpasohistory.com or at 915-533-3603.