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More Hispanic Heritage Month Facts

  • 7 million
    The number of Hispanics, 25 and older, who had at least a bachelor’s degree in 2015, representing 15% of the Hispanic American population.
  • 5 million
    Number of Hispanics 25 and older with advanced degrees in 2015 (e.g., master’s, professional, doctorate).
  • 5%
    The percentage of civilian employed Hispanics or Latinos 16 and older who worked in management, business, science and arts occupations in 2015.
  • 2
    The number of Hispanic American Nobel Prize Winners. American laureates include Luis Alvarez (Physics) and Baruj Benacerraf (Physiology or Medicine).


  • Octaviano Larrazolo was the first Hispanic woman U.S. Senator


  • There’s an advantage to speaking Spanish! Researchers from the University of Vermont have found an advantage and benefit of speaking Spanish but referring to the way Spanish-speakers express themselves. According to the researchers, people who converse in Spanish are more positive and speak in a more positive manner than those who speak other languages.


  • Hispanics are more open to mobile technology. A study from PricewaterhouseCoopers has found that Hispanics are more open to mobile technology than non-Hispanics. So more than likely, you’re looking at this post through your phone!
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Month of October

The month of October is pretty busy! Halloween isn’t the only thing in October. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, LGBT History month and Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month to name a few. As always, these books in the picture are only a few but we have more on our shelves here at Richard Burges.

Some quick facts about these issues:

  • 1 in 8 U.S. women, and 1 in 1000 U.S. men will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.
  • Coming Out Day  is on October 11.
  • Emotional intelligence can be learned. Through a process called “plasticity,” the brain changes as individuals practice new emotional intelligence strategies


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Sea Otter Fun Facts

Average length:    Male: 4-5 feet long Female: 2-3 feet long

Average Weight:   Male: 50-100 lbs Female: 30-70 lbs

Average Lifespan: Male: 10-15 years in wild Female: 15-20 years in wild

Average hairs per square inch on a human head: 700

Average hairs per square inch on a sea otter: 170,000 to over 1 million.

Longest recorded dive: 7 min.

Deepest recorded dive: 318 ft.

Sea Otters consume from 25%-30% of their body weight in food each day.


Thanks to for the wonderful image!

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Sea Otter Awareness Week

Hey! Did you know that today is the beginning of Sea Otter Awareness Week

This week we will be featuring Sea Otters because even though we are not near any oceans, sea otters are still important to the ecosystem! (Plus I absolutely LOVE otters and helping out the environment). So please keep checking in every day for more information about the awesome Sea Otter!

Sea Otter Awareness Week always falls on the last week of September. People of various backgrounds participate in various events and activities to highlight the different issues that sea otter conservation faces.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year, Americans celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept 15th to Oct 15. We celebrate the stories, cultures and most importantly the contributions made by Hispanics/Latino(a) Americans!

Here are 10 interesting facts about Hispanics!

  1. The U.S. Hispanic population is now at 57 MILLION people strong! We are the 2nd fastest growing ethnic group. We make up 18% of the U.S. population.
  2. As of 2016, 27.3 million Latinos and Latinas are eligible to vote but we still don’t exercise that right. Next election, I challenge you to boost that number!
  3. People of Mexican origin make up about two-thirds (35.3 million) of our nation’s Hispanics.
  4. As the number of U.S.-born Latinos rises, the number of new immigrants actually slows down.
  5. The diversity of Hispanic origin groups varies between major metropolitan areas. Along the East Coast, there is an obvious diversity of Hispanics than along the Southwest coast.
  6. Hispanics are the youngest of the major racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.
  7. Millennials make up almost half (44%) of the Hispanic electorate in 2016.
  8. Latinos make up the largest group of immigrants in most states.
  9. The 55% of Hispanic adults say they are Catholic but 16% are evangelical Protestants and 5 are mainline Protestants. *The number of Hispanic Catholics has actually declined since 2010.
  10. The share of Latinos in the U.S. who speak English proficiently is growing. Granted this is partially due to U.S.-born Latinos but let’s not split hairs.

I’d like to thank for these facts and numbers. Find the original article here.