John Glenn 1921-2016

john-glenn-main-web-image Photo courtesy of NBC

John Glenn was a national hero even if he didn’t consider himself a hero. He passed away yesterday in Columbus, Ohio at the age of 95. It had been reported that he had been hospitalized “more than a week ago” according to Ohio State University spokesman Hank Wilson. He was at the James Cancer Hospital at the Ohio State University, but his illness was not disclosed.

When he first came into the spotlight, he was the all-American boy. He was the first man to orbit earth. After he retired as an astronaut, he served as a US senator for 24 years. Then in 1998, at the age of 77, he returned once again to space and became the oldest person to go into space. He served in the military and fought both in World War II and the Korean War. For his service, he received numerous medals including six Distinguished Flying Crosses. Glenn is survived by his wife of 73 years, Annie; his two children, John David and Carolyn Ann and two grandchildren.



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