Did you know these 5 facts about El Paso?

  1. Concordia Cemetery is home to the grave of John Wesley Hardin who died in 1895 and is said to have killed more men than Billy the Kid or Jesse James. Legend has it, he once killed a man for snoring too loud.
  2. The Hyundai Sun Bowl is a huge event in El Paso and has been since it opened for its first game in 1935.
  3. El Paso is a true slice of the Wild West. El Paso Street is the city’s first and oldest street. It’s old enough to have seen the likes of Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid among others from the lawless days. It was also where the infamous “Four Dead In Five Seconds” gunfight occurred.
  4. Pat Garrett was a law man from El Paso who lives in infamy for gunning down Billy the Kid.
  5. The famous statue of Christ that sits on Mount Cristo Rey is not a traditional crucifix, since the palms of Christ face downward in the gesture of a blessing.

If you know more obscure facts about El Paso, include them in the comments.


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