Did you know…?

Did you know that today was National Philanthropy Day? Philanthropy often coincides with charity but the difference between the two is that charity seeks to alleviate the suffering of social problems while philanthropy seeks to solve the social problems at the root of their causes. While being charitable is never a bad thing, why not be a philanthropist instead?

A bunch of movie stars and other famous people are philanthropists like George Clooney, Bill Gates, and Lady Gaga. While they have millions of dollars at their disposal, the average person does not. You can make a difference though in your community by helping out. You could donate to the Goodwill or you can volunteer at the Humane Society. You don’t have to donate money to be a philanthropist; you could just donate time and effort! I’m sure the puppies waiting to be adopted would love to play with you!

So go out and be the different in the world! If you want to observe the good deeds or even just the day itself on social media, use #NationalPhilanthropyDay



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