STEAM Storytime. Jan 18th

On January 18th, we read Humpty Dumpty for our STEAM Storytime. Our littlest of patrons put eggs into Ziploc bags with different material inside and dropped the egg off a LEGO wall. They predicted whether the egg would stay together or crack. Below are our patrons in action!

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Edgar Allan Poe’s 208th Birthday

Today would have been Edgar Allan Poe’s 208th birthday. The famous author wrote such classics as “The Tell-tale heart” and “The Raven”. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts but died in Baltimore. Since 1949, an anonymous stranger had been leaving 3 red roses and half a bottle of cognac at Poe’s grave but he mysteriously stopped in 2009. Last year that tradition was revitalized in Baltimore. There will be birthday bash for Poe followed by a traditional apple cider toast to Poe.

Check out Poe’s works here at your Richard Burges Library.


Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

#MLK #MCM #IHaveADream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was someone who made a profound difference. He refused to be silent and do nothing. He did it without resorting to violence. Take time to reflecton how you’d like to make a difference in your world.

We will resume regular hours tomorrow.


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