STEAM Storytime Crafts

The littlest of our patrons had some fun making their storytime crafts. The month of November was about the letter ‘C’. As we can see in these awesome pictures, they were making their own Mayflower ship for Thanksgiving. On the other pictures, they made cars out of legos & powered them with balloons. 

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Thanksgiving Luncheon/Thanksgiving tree

The last 2 weeks were a lot of fun for us here at your Richard Burges Library. Since Thanksgiving was coming up, the city was generous by having a luncheon for the city employees.  They served very delicious food and even better pie.

Here at your Richard Burges Library, we had a small tree on which you could write a note about what library services you were thankful for. You left some great notes! We are really thankful for you, our patrons, for your happy smiles and kind words. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Today is Giving Tuesday which starts off the Christmas season with a charitable spirit! It’s meant to combine the holiday spirit with the deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in order to maximize your donations. Although if you weren’t able to donate money or items, you could donate your time too. If you’re able to donate anything, there’s more than a few places in need.

  • House of Hope
  • Ben’s Pet Pantry
  • Rescue Mission of El Paso
  • El Paso Zoological Society

If you also were to stop by your local fire station or even your local library, for example us here at Richard Burges, you could donate blankets to someone in need. We’ll be taking blanket donations until December 22nd. If you’d like more information or know someone who is in desperate need of a blanket, call 2-1-1.

Spread the charitable spirit on social media #GivingTuesday

This day in history

king-tut-coffin Photograph by Kenneth Garrett, National Geographic Stock

Today in 1922, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became the first people in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in over 3,000 years. On November 23rd, they had broken through the outer mud-brick door and discovered that grave robbers had entered the tomb long over 3,000 years ago. On November 26th, they entered through another door of the antechamber of King Tut’s tomb and it was so dusty that they could see the footprints of the grave robbers but surmised that the grave robbers had entered the tomb shortly after the young Pharaoh was buried and the robbers had been captured. When the archeologists entered the tomb, they discovered that the tomb had not been pillaged as they previously thought.

King Tutankhamen was the last pharaoh of the Amarna dynasty. His name originally was Tutankhaten since the Amarna era was the 1st time in Egyptian history that they became a monotheistic religion. King Tut’s father made the empire shift from the many gods they had to believe only in the god, Aten. Once King Tut came into power and realized that in order to win the affection of his people, he let the people once again worship the old gods and changed his name from –aten to –amen for the god Amun-Ra.

The young Tutankhamen became king was he was still a child but mysteriously died when he was only 18. Archeologists speculate that he was died abroad which is why he was embalmed improperly for an Egyptian.

Want to learn more about this fascinating king and his culture? Stop by your Richard Burges library to check out our selection of Ancient Egyptian history! We even have books on how to read hieroglyphics.

Thanksgiving Day

We, here at your Richard Burges Library, hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We’ll open back up on Saturday for our normal hours.

Don’t forget about the Thanksgiving Day Parade that takes place on Montana from Ochoa St to Copia St. It’ll start at 10 AM and it’s best to arrive early to get a good viewing spot. This year’s theme is Extraordinary Inventions. If you’re not into big crowds or would just like to see the parade in your pj’s, you can watch it on KTSM Channel 9.

This day in history

slide_264933_1788378_free Image courtesy of Huffington Post

In Dallas, Texas on this day in 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in an open top convertible. President Kennedy and the First Lady were riding in downtown Dallas when at 12:30, Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired 3 shots at the Kennedy motorcade. Oswald fatally injured President Kennedy and seriously injuring Governor Connally. President Kennedy was pronounced dead only 30 minutes later. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the 36th President at 2:39 pm aboard Air Force One with Mrs. Kennedy standing next to him.

President Kennedy’s assassination has shocked and captivated the nation for decades. Many people speculate that Oswald was not the shooter. Others wonder who was the lady wearing the babushka. Either way, the Nation was in mourning for the following days. Many people lined the streets to see President Kennedy’s casket being taken to St. Matthew’s Catholic Cathedral. He was interred with full military honors on a slope below Arlington House. An eternal flame was lit by his widow to mark his grave in the Arlington National Cemetery.